We Take Adult Jazz Education Seriously!

Welcome to JazzWire Summit workshops. With over 20 years experience and well over 1,000 adult students served, we have three different experiences built for you, the adult learner. We invite you to join our group of passionate improvisers for an immersive experience of learning and fun. Built for adults, our jazz experiences feature a renowned faculty of top-notch recording artists, who also happen to be great teachers.

We currently offer a virtual Winter Summit, our hallmark Summer Summit in Washginton DC, and the Saxophone & Improvisation Summit in Edmonton Canada. Combine this all with the JazzWire education platform, and you have some incredible opportunities to up your jazz game. Jeff Antoniuk, of Digging Deeper Jazz videos (check them out here), is Artistic Director and Head Educator for the JazzWire Summits. Jeff has been called “the best teacher I’ve ever had” by many students. His warm and supportive style sets a light tone for the camp, but don’t let that attitude fool you—we are serious about learning!