FAQ’s – Saxophone & Improvisation Summit

Q: Are non-saxophone players allowed to attend the Summit?
Yes! The Summit is indeed a saxophone-based event, but each afternoon from 1:45 – 5:30pm, the focus shifts to “improvisation”, which means that ALL instruments are encouraged to attend. Rhythm section players (guitar, piano, bass, drums) will get a ton of playing time, and other horns (brass and woodwinds alike) will get hours of time spent working on our improvisation skills. 

Q: Where is the JazzWire Saxophone & Improvisation Summit held?

We are excited to be hosted by one of western Canada’s premier music schools, MacEwan University. Allard Hall is an incredible new facility with state of the art technology and comfortable surroundings. We are very grateful to MacEwan University and Dean of Fine Arts Raymond Baril for their support of the JazzWire Saxophone & Improvisation Summit.

Allard Hall, Department of Music
MacEwan University
11110-104 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB T5K 1M9, Canada

Q: Are there hotel rooms available to out of town participants?

A: There are a limited number of hotel/residence rooms available in the MacEwan University Residences, located just steps from Allard Hall, the event location. Click here to find more information and to book a room. 

Q: What is the daily schedule for JazzWire Summit?

A: You can check out our Saxophone & Improvisation schedule here. Be sure to plan on joining us for the Concert and Jam Session on Sunday night June 23. It isn’t “required,” but it’s going to be a blast. 

Q: I’d like to work on the JazzWire Summit music ahead of time. Will you be sending that out to us?
AFar beyond sending out the music in advance, JazzWire Summit attendees have the chance to work on all the music for weeks and months in advance at JazzWire.net. There will be weekly lessons, discussions and posts on all the music, at three different ability levels. You will show up to camp feeling confident and comfortable

Q: JazzWire is a six-month commitment, correct?
A: Yes, you are subscribed to the JazzWire educational platform for FREE for six months. During this time, you’ll be working on the Summit music, meeting new friends from around the globe, and getting support for your development like you’ve never received in your life. After the Summit, you’ll have the opportunity to continue if you like as a monthly subscriber. 

Q: I can no longer attend the JazzWire Summit, but have paid. What is the refund policy?
A: We don’t offer full refunds, but you can get a partial refund depending on when you cancel. Please check our Workshop Information page for detail and dates on the refund policy. 

Q: Who is the faculty?
A: All of our faculty for the Saxophone & Improvisation Summit is located here.

Q: Do I need to bring a music stand?
A: No, each room at MacEwan Univeristy should have enough for our use.

Q: Are there amplifiers and drums provided for rhythm section players?
A: Yes, each room has a guitar amp, bass amp, drum set and piano. 

Q: What is everything I should bring to the Saxophone & Improvisation Summit?
A: When you come to the workshop, make sure you have your:


Music (Provided on JazzWire for you)

Your lunch or snack

Q: Are lunches being provided?
A: No, lunch aren’t provided, but there are options to purchase food in the MacEwan complex, and at nearby restaurants. That said, we have only 45 minutes, so bringing something with you would be ideal. 

Q: Is there a refrigerator?
A: No, we don’t have access to any kitchen equipment like fridges or microwaves. 

Q: Have you produced workshops or events like this before?
A: Yes, Artistic Director Jeff Antoniuk has been producing educational events for adults for 25 years. The JazzWire Summer Summit in the Washington DC area is in its 21st year, and has served well over 1,000 adult students. Jeff has also produced 50 one-day events over the years, and more that 80 full days of virtual events. In Maryland and Washington DC, he oversees 28 classes a month, year in and year out, for adult jazz learners.