A Workshop Built for Adult Learners!

Welcome to the JazzWire Saxophone & Improvisation Summit, where we invite you to join other passionate sax players and improvisers on ALL INSTRUMENTS for an immersive experience of learning and fun. Built for adults, our jazz workshop features a renowned faculty of top-notch artists, who also happen to be great teachers.


JazzWire and Artistic Director Jeff Antoniuk have produced workshops and jazz camps for adult learners for over 25 years in the USA, and Jeff is finally bringing his vision to Edmonton. Working with him and our faculty, you will have plenty of playing time in your small combo, in improvisation and saxophone classes, and with various Guest Artists. Sunday night after our day ends, the night begins! We'll host a Jam Session & Concert for you to join.


Jeff Antoniuk is Artistic Director and one of your teachers for the Summit. He has hundreds of students in over 25 countries through JazzWire, and his free educational videos have been viewed on YouTube well over three million times. Jeff has been called “the best teacher I’ve ever had” by many students, and his warm and supportive style sets a light tone for the workshop. But don’t let that attitude fool you—we are serious about our learning too!


Our Faculty for 2024


Rosemarie Siever

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Jeff Antoniuk

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Dan Davis

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Raymond Baril

Kent Sangster

Jean Francois Picard Front page

Jean-Francois Picard


Jim Brenan


A word from our Artist Director, Jeff Antoniuk:

The Saxophone Summit & JazzWire:

The Most Forward-Thinking Jazz Workshop On Earth!


Over the past 20 years, what we hear most at the end of a workshop is “I wish I knew at the beginning of The Summit what I know now. I’d be so much further ahead!” We’ve taken that sentiment to heart, and have created an amazing wholistic experience that begins well before you arrive at the workshop, and continues long after.

JazzWire is an online, global community for adult jazz students, with hundreds of members from over 25 different counties. All musicians attending full days of the Saxophone Summit are JazzWire members, so your experience with us is unlike that of any other camp or workshop in the world.

Once you join JazzWire, you’ll be able to spend the months leading up to the Saxophone Summit digging deeper in to our music selections. You’ll be better prepared, more relaxed and confident, and you’ll have met ALL of your Summit workshop peers in advance. JazzWire is a subscription platform, at $50 USD/mo, and you get six months free.