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Welcome to JazzWire Summer Summit, where we invite you to join our group of passionate improvisers for an immersive experience of learning and fun this July. Built for adults, our four day jazz camp features a renowned faculty of top-notch recording artists, who also happen to be great teachers.

At the JazzWire Summer Summit, you will have plenty of playing time in your small combo, electives, and instrument-specific master classes, daily jam sessions and more. When was the last time got to play jazz, with others, for four days straight? For many of us the answer is years, or never. Now’s the time!

Jeff Antoniuk, of Digging Deeper Jazz videos (check them out here), is Artistic Director and Head Educator for the Summit. Jeff has been called “the best teacher I’ve ever had” by many students. His warm and supportive style sets a light tone for the camp, but don’t let that attitude fool you—we are serious about learning.

A word from Jeff our Artistic Director


and Many More Faculty Coming!

Amy Shook

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Frank Russo

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Jeff Antoniuk

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JazzWire & The Summer Summit:

The Most Forward-Thinking Jazz Camp on Earth!


A crucial component of the Summer Summit is its link with JazzWire, a vibrant online learning community. JazzWire grew out of a need expressed by our campers— who all wanted to continue to accelerate their learning after returning home from camp.

We’ve taken their words seriously. We know that improvisation skills do not develop overnight and that successful learning needs constant nourishment and reinforcement. That’s why we integrated the Summit with JazzWire.net, a breakthrough experience in adult jazz education that begins well before you arrive at camp, and continues long after. When you attend attend the Summit, and we hope you choose to make that investment in yourself, your JazzWire commitment would be for 6 months, at under $50 per month.

The JazzWire platform is unique and powerful. Not only will you will receive a Personal Growth and Practice Plan, a detailed roadmap for your improvement prepared by Jeff Antoniuk, but you will also receive frequent feedback from Jeff, Steve Herberman and other teachers as you post recordings of your progress on the JazzWire platform.

Jeff’s teaching model is to provide immediately actionable information in weekly song-based instructional videos available site-wide. Then, as members post recordings, he guides students individually with daily comments on their posts. Peers also provide helpful guidance and support.

As a JazzWire member, you will be familiar with all the Summit tunes before camp. You will have the opportunity to hear Jeff’s lessons on the tunes and to practice them. Your fellow campers will be your friends from JazzWire. In short, you will be primed for an enjoyable, relaxed and educational camp experience.